Koganecho Action News -Seagull Takes Bread


If you look way in the background there you’ll be able to see the high school on the hill!


Tonight in Koganecho Action News!

Wow!  We have here what seems to be an unbelivable accident.

Yeah, so this is umm. . . very near the river And ahh. . .just on the other side of the river from Koganecho.

As we we see here, it looks like one car was sideswiped.

And it has been tipped over . There’s a lot of activity, a lot of people hanging out here wondering what’s going on.

The driver of both cars; the drivers of both cars have escaped and have run away and ahh. . .

So the police don’t know where those drivers are, it seems.

The fire department is looking at the cars and trying to make sure that there’s nobody else inside of them.

Well everybody!

Thank you for watching!

This has been another episode of. . .

Koganecho Action News!

Goodnight, everybody!

Koganecho Action News – Don’t be Baka, Have Some Maca!


Don't Be Baka - Have Some Maca

1. Let's Boost Energy and Endurance エネルギーと持久力を高める

Maca root is the world's best-selling energy booster.


3. Let's Reduce Blood Pressure 血圧を改善しましょう。 

The effect of Maca improves blood pressure. 


4. Let's Protect our Skin 私たちの肌を守りましょう

Maca protects human skin from UV rays. 


5. Let's Fight Free Radicals フリーラジカルと戦いましょう

Maca has antioxidants. マカは抗酸化物質を持っています。

Antioxidants fight free radicals。


Free Radicals damage cells in the body.


Antioxidants prevent heart disease and cancer.。


6. Let's Reduce Symptoms of Menopause 更年期症状を軽減しましょう

Maca root balances levels of the hormone estrogen. 


As everbody knows, estrogen levels fluctuate before menopause,


Maca reduces night sweats.


7. Let's Improve Memory 記憶を改善しましょう 

Maca improves memory performance.


Maca is helpful in treating Alzheimer's disease.


9. Let's Gain Confidence. 自信を得よう。

Maca prevents erectile dysfunction.


Tanaka Kane – Respect for the Aged Day – 敬老の日 with Audio!

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00. The big day is coming soon!

01. Everybody in Japan is very excited.

02. Everybody is preparing for Keiro no Hi.

03. Keiro no Hi in English is Respect for the Aged Day.

04. Everybody in Japan respects old people.

05. The oldest person in the world is Tanaka Kane.

06. Tanaka was born in Fukuoka.

07. Tanaka’s birthday is January 2nd, 1903.

08. Tanaka is 115 years old.

09. Tanaka  attributes her longevity to eating fish.

10. Tanaka Kane is respected by everyone in Japan.

11. Americans don’t respect old people.

12. Americans think old people are useless.

13. Bill Clinton is old and looks like a zombie.

14. Bill Clinton has spent all of his money

15. Bill Clinton is respected by nobody.

16. Bill Clinton is married to Hillary.

17. Hillary Clinton is old and haggard.

18. Hillary spends her money on looking younger.

19. Nothing can help Hillary look younger.

20. Nobody respects Hillary Clinton.

21. Hillary Clinton lost the election to Trump

22. Trump is also very old.

23. Many people respect Trump because he has money.

24. Americans respect money.