Koganecho Action News -Seagull Takes Bread


If you look way in the background there you’ll be able to see the high school on the hill!


Tonight in Koganecho Action News!

Wow!  We have here what seems to be an unbelivable accident.

Yeah, so this is umm. . . very near the river And ahh. . .just on the other side of the river from Koganecho.

As we we see here, it looks like one car was sideswiped.

And it has been tipped over . There’s a lot of activity, a lot of people hanging out here wondering what’s going on.

The driver of both cars; the drivers of both cars have escaped and have run away and ahh. . .

So the police don’t know where those drivers are, it seems.

The fire department is looking at the cars and trying to make sure that there’s nobody else inside of them.

Well everybody!

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Koganecho Action News!

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