Bears in Mind

Everybody loves bears.

Bears are cute.

Bears are playful.

Bears are smart.

Bears are always hungry.

Bears fall asleep in the fall.

This sleep is a deep sleep.

This deep sleep is called hibernation.

In January, mama bears wake up for only one day.

On this day, mama bears bear baby bears.

Baby bears are born.

Mama bears fall back asleep.

The bears sleep together until April.

Baby bears are born very small.

Baby bears are born bare.

Baby bears are born blind.

Baby bears are born helpless.

Baby bears are called “cubs”.

Bear cubs are very very cute.

Bears are magical animals.

They can run fast.

They can swim well.

They can climb trees.

They can fish.

They can hunt.

They can build a den.

They can work in the circus.

In the circus, they walk on balls.

Bears don’t get paid money to work.

Bears will work for food.

Bears love food.

Bears love salmon.

Bears love berries.

Bears love honey.

Bears love every food.

Bears especially love pizza.

Bears have a powerful nose.

Bears can smell pizza from far away.

Please don’t throw away pizza in the garbage.

Please don’t carry pizza into the forest.

Please don’t feed bears pizza. Bears have giant paws.

Bear paws have giant claws.

Bear claws are very sharp.

Bear claws are very dangerous.

If you see a bear, don’t run.

You must walk backwards slowly.

You must talk with the bear.

You must tell the bear you don’t have any pizza.

You must tell the bear not to hurt you.

Mama bears protect their cubs.

Papa bears love mama bears.

Papa bears love pizza most of all.

Papa bears don’t share pizza.

This is very sad for mama bear and baby bear.

Now mama bear and baby bear must find food.

Mama bears teaches her cubs where to find food.

They go to the river to eat salmon. They go to the fields to eat berries.

They go to forest to eat honey. They go to the pizza shop to eat pizza.

Soon the cubs are very big.

They are ready for freedom.

Mama bear hides from them.

The cubs live together for a while.

The cubs then start to look for food by themselves.

They will eat everything.

They know which plants are yummy.

They know which mushrooms are poisonous.

They know which fish is delicious.

They know which animals are dangerous.

They know humans are very dangerous.

Some humans fight for pizza.

Bears must bear in mind that pizza is for humans.


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