The Wonderful MySOS App

01. Everybody in the world loves Japan.

02. Japanese people are the most welcomed people by all other countries.

03. Not only is Japan is the safest country in the world but it is also the most beautiful country in the world.

04. Foreigners are always amazed by the sincerely warm welcoming feeling they get from the Japanese people.

05. No foreigner has ever had a bad experience in Japan.

06. Everybody in the world wants to travel to Japan but Travel to Japan is very difficult.

07. Recently however, the Japanese government has made it easier for travelers to enter Japan.

08. On October 11, 2022, Japan reopened its borders to tourists.

09. Tourists can now travel around Japan and once again visit the wonderful UNESCO sites.

10. As an added incentive, traveling to Japan has never been cheaper.

11. The recent depreciation of the Japanese yen is attracting foreigners to come and enjoy the the autumn season.

12. All foreigners are allowed to enter Japan except Russians.

13. In order to enter Japan, foreigners must download the MySOS app.

14. The MySOS app is a questionnaire which foreigners must fill out before entering Japan.

15. When you first open the app, you must answer questions regarding your purpose in life, vaxx-status and your nationality.

16. Upon entry foreigners must submit proof of having been injected with the safe and effective Pfizer or Moderna vaccination.

17. The app is written in English which makes the process easy for travelers to understand.

18. In essence, the MySOS app serves as a “pre-registration for quarantine”.

19. In addition, the app will track the foreigners serving as an additional level of safety.

20. During the pandemic, most Japanese people used their spare time to study English.

21. For this reason, it has never been easier for foreigners to go shopping and order their favorite Japanese food.

22. As everybody knows, Japanese food is the most delicious and healthiest food in the world.

23. Now foreigners can order their favorite food in English without any language barrier.

24. During the pandemic, all guides were translated into English making it more enjoyable to see the great UNESCO sites.

25. The Japanese Ministry of Immigration has placed an emphasis on helping speakers of English to more thoroughly enjoy Japan.

26. For example, at the airport, all the signs explaining the entry requirements are written in English.

27. Every foreigner knows that Japanese toilets are the cleanest and most high-tech in the world.

28. Foreigners must use the MySOS app to gain access to the toilets at the airport.

29. Foreigners can not use the toilets at the airport until their coronavirus risk status has been thoroughly assessed by the MySOS app.

30. Because of the wonderful MySOS app, the number of foreigners (except Russians) entering Japan is bound to increase in the near future.

31. As technology improves, so does human freedom.

32. The MySOS app is wonder of technological progress helping people all over the world to enjoy the wonder of Japan and it hundreds of UNESCO sites.

33. Get ready Fuji-San!


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