Bears in Mind

Everybody loves bears.

Bears are cute.

Bears are playful.

Bears are smart.

Bears are always hungry.

Bears fall asleep in the fall.

This sleep is a deep sleep.

This deep sleep is called hibernation.

In January, mama bears wake up for only one day.

On this day, mama bears bear baby bears.

Baby bears are born.

Mama bears fall back asleep.

The bears sleep together until April.

Baby bears are born very small.

Baby bears are born bare.

Baby bears are born blind.

Baby bears are born helpless.

Baby bears are called “cubs”.

Bear cubs are very very cute.

Bears are magical animals.

They can run fast.

They can swim well.

They can climb trees.

They can fish.

They can hunt.

They can build a den.

They can work in the circus.

In the circus, they walk on balls.

Bears don’t get paid money to work.

Bears will work for food.

Bears love food.

Bears love salmon.

Bears love berries.

Bears love honey.

Bears love every food.

Bears especially love pizza.

Bears have a powerful nose.

Bears can smell pizza from far away.

Please don’t throw away pizza in the garbage.

Please don’t carry pizza into the forest.

Please don’t feed bears pizza. Bears have giant paws.

Bear paws have giant claws.

Bear claws are very sharp.

Bear claws are very dangerous.

If you see a bear, don’t run.

You must walk backwards slowly.

You must talk with the bear.

You must tell the bear you don’t have any pizza.

You must tell the bear not to hurt you.

Mama bears protect their cubs.

Papa bears love mama bears.

Papa bears love pizza most of all.

Papa bears don’t share pizza.

This is very sad for mama bear and baby bear.

Now mama bear and baby bear must find food.

Mama bears teaches her cubs where to find food.

They go to the river to eat salmon. They go to the fields to eat berries.

They go to forest to eat honey. They go to the pizza shop to eat pizza.

Soon the cubs are very big.

They are ready for freedom.

Mama bear hides from them.

The cubs live together for a while.

The cubs then start to look for food by themselves.

They will eat everything.

They know which plants are yummy.

They know which mushrooms are poisonous.

They know which fish is delicious.

They know which animals are dangerous.

They know humans are very dangerous.

Some humans fight for pizza.

Bears must bear in mind that pizza is for humans.

The Wonderful MySOS App

01. Everybody in the world loves Japan.

02. Japanese people are the most welcomed people by all other countries.

03. Not only is Japan is the safest country in the world but it is also the most beautiful country in the world.

04. Foreigners are always amazed by the sincerely warm welcoming feeling they get from the Japanese people.

05. No foreigner has ever had a bad experience in Japan.

06. Everybody in the world wants to travel to Japan but Travel to Japan is very difficult.

07. Recently however, the Japanese government has made it easier for travelers to enter Japan.

08. On October 11, 2022, Japan reopened its borders to tourists.

09. Tourists can now travel around Japan and once again visit the wonderful UNESCO sites.

10. As an added incentive, traveling to Japan has never been cheaper.

11. The recent depreciation of the Japanese yen is attracting foreigners to come and enjoy the the autumn season.

12. All foreigners are allowed to enter Japan except Russians.

13. In order to enter Japan, foreigners must download the MySOS app.

14. The MySOS app is a questionnaire which foreigners must fill out before entering Japan.

15. When you first open the app, you must answer questions regarding your purpose in life, vaxx-status and your nationality.

16. Upon entry foreigners must submit proof of having been injected with the safe and effective Pfizer or Moderna vaccination.

17. The app is written in English which makes the process easy for travelers to understand.

18. In essence, the MySOS app serves as a “pre-registration for quarantine”.

19. In addition, the app will track the foreigners serving as an additional level of safety.

20. During the pandemic, most Japanese people used their spare time to study English.

21. For this reason, it has never been easier for foreigners to go shopping and order their favorite Japanese food.

22. As everybody knows, Japanese food is the most delicious and healthiest food in the world.

23. Now foreigners can order their favorite food in English without any language barrier.

24. During the pandemic, all guides were translated into English making it more enjoyable to see the great UNESCO sites.

25. The Japanese Ministry of Immigration has placed an emphasis on helping speakers of English to more thoroughly enjoy Japan.

26. For example, at the airport, all the signs explaining the entry requirements are written in English.

27. Every foreigner knows that Japanese toilets are the cleanest and most high-tech in the world.

28. Foreigners must use the MySOS app to gain access to the toilets at the airport.

29. Foreigners can not use the toilets at the airport until their coronavirus risk status has been thoroughly assessed by the MySOS app.

30. Because of the wonderful MySOS app, the number of foreigners (except Russians) entering Japan is bound to increase in the near future.

31. As technology improves, so does human freedom.

32. The MySOS app is wonder of technological progress helping people all over the world to enjoy the wonder of Japan and it hundreds of UNESCO sites.

33. Get ready Fuji-San!


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Two Lips!

Tree House English Quote by Nicola Tesla

Tree House 英会話スタジオ

My great student!

Asparagus for breakfast!




Up the Hill with Bill

In this video, I really put my face make it to the test! What a beautiful day it was this February 5, 2021!

Cherry Blossom in January!

Welcome to 黄金町❣️

Tree House 英会話 New Signboard!

Thank you Mai-San very much for helping me with the signboard! It was quite a chore but we finally finished it. It looks fantastic! So, to all of my students and anyone walking around 黄金町, please pay homage to the new Treehouse English Studio signboard and come in and say hello! 看板を手伝ってくれてありがとうマイさん! 大変な作業でしたが、ようやく完成しました。 素晴らしく見えます! 私の生徒全員と黄金町を歩き回っている人へ、この新しいツリーハウスイングリッシュスタジオの看板に敬意を表して、来て挨拶してください!SHOW LESS

Koganecho Action News – THE Japanese Gecko – Yamori 守宮 【ツリーハウス マンツーマン英会話】横浜・英会話学校

Welcome to Koganecho Action News.
I am Bill THE Newscaster.
Today is October 4th, 2019.
What we see here is the Yamori.
The Yamori is a Japanese Gecko.
“Yamori” means “house guardian” .
This Yamori protects the Tree House from some bad people.
Yamori used to be as large as dinosaurs and eat people.
Like all life on Earth, Yamori became smaller 51 million years ago.
Now, the Yamori protect humans from cockroaches.
Seeing a Yamori brings good luck and makes people rich and happy forever.
Thank you for watching everybody Mr. Yamori.
Thank you everybody for watching Mr. Yamori and Koganecho Action News.

The Hoverfly

The Hoverfly

The Hoverfly!
Hoverflies are cool.
They hover over flowers and feed on nectar and pollen.
There are about 6,000 species of Hoverflies.
Hoverflies are common everywhere in the world except Antarctica.
Hoverflies are important to ecosystems.
Hoverflies look like bees but are harmless.
Bees are the most important pollinators.
Hoverflies are the second-most important pollinators.
Bees carry a greater volume of pollen but Hoverflies make a greater number of flower visits.
OMG! Hoverflies mate in midair!


Check out ツリーハウス英会話 on Google!

Yeah! The next door neighbor is really hitting me hard. In the little neighborhood of Koganecho, this Iranian guy and his Korean girlfriend are working hand in hand to steal my English business. It’s a real life saga. Anyway, I’m creating websites, consolidating info, posting, YouTubing, SMSing, and whatever else I can do to win this war. Wish me luck and if you want to know more, why don’t you stop by the Tree House Eikawa in Koganecho!


Check out Bill’s ツリーハウス英会話 on Google!

The next door neighbor’s 英会話 has better search results than does the ツリーハウス英会話。Oh no! I’m in a pickle. I’m gonna be saturating the internets during the next few months!


Hi everybody! Check this out!

In an effort not to be beat, I’ve come up with a plan that I think will prove to be the unbeatable! This is the first step in my master plan. I hope all of you will come and enjoy practicing your English on Sundays! Perseverance will pay off in the end so get off your derrières, open your minds and learn English on Sundays!

Independence Day USA

The Tree House English Studio/Cafe’ and Chat welcomes the 45th President of the United States, as America celebrates 243 years of independence from England. The Treehouse English Studio/Café is the best place to learn English in Japan.

Enjoy the freedom of independence that only American English provides.


2019 Typhoon Number 3

2019 Typhoon Number 3

Hello Hydrangea

紫陽花 hydrangea

黄金町 – A peaceful moment

Koganecho Action News -Seagull Takes Bread

If you look way in the background there you’ll be able to see the high school on the hill!


Tonight in Koganecho Action News!

Wow!  We have here what seems to be an unbelivable accident.

Yeah, so this is umm. . . very near the river And ahh. . .just on the other side of the river from Koganecho.

As we we see here, it looks like one car was sideswiped.

And it has been tipped over . There’s a lot of activity, a lot of people hanging out here wondering what’s going on.

The driver of both cars; the drivers of both cars have escaped and have run away and ahh. . .

So the police don’t know where those drivers are, it seems.

The fire department is looking at the cars and trying to make sure that there’s nobody else inside of them.

Well everybody!

Thank you for watching!

This has been another episode of. . .

Koganecho Action News!

Goodnight, everybody!

Tanaka Kane 敬老の日

敬老の日 is coming soon!

敬老の日 is coming soon!

August 21st, 2018

Summer seems to be wanting to change!


黄金町 アクションニュース

Koganecho 黄金町 Action News


Koganecho 黄金町 Action News!

Welcome to Koganecho Action News. 
I’m Bill McCormack.
Today is Saturday, July 28, 2018.
Today, Typhoon number 12 also know as Jongdari, ripped through Koganecho causing wide spread damage and misery.
The police were out in force, protecting businesses from foreign looters.
The savage storm shut down the community making Koganecho into a ghostown. 
Torrential rains made the Ooka River rise to dangerous levels. 
High winds caused devastating damage to the cherry trees. 
Here, a leaf has fallen and will never recover.
We interviewed one local business owner named Akiko. Well, let’s listen. 
How do you feel about the storm Akiko?
Ohh!  It’s so… No, I’m I’m very scared!
And there you have it everybody.
Thank you for watching Koganecho Action News

Tree House English

There are times when you catch a glimpse of something that is just right! It just like THE Tree House 英会話 in 黄金町. You know it’s the perfect place to really learn English. It just feels right. There are so many options to choose from but in this digital age there is so much fraud 詐欺 that comes with the choice. THE Tree House offers real English lessons at the most reasonable prices. Not only has the Tree House minimized prices but it has maximized the rate of improvement in your English skills. How is this done, you might ask! Well, it’s done through experience. Bill is one of the most experienced English teachers in Japan. So, you have options. You can check out online learning systems, Facebook apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, Meet-up services, and Conversation Exchange. You can even take English lessons from teachers coming from countries like the Philippines and Nigeria and let them bully you into thinking that they communicate and teach English effectively. You can spend mega-bucks at Rizap, and Berlitz. You can test out the ワンコイ gimmick. You can resort to one of the 英会話 like ECC or Nova. But in the end, it’s all the same. Crap! The one exception is THE Tree House in 黄金町. There is no fraud 詐欺 at THE Tree House 英会話. It just feels right! THE Tree House 英会話 in 黄金町! You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!

Koganecho News 黄金町 July 21, 2018

Today in Koganecho News 黄金町.

Koganecho News 黄金町 21-07-2018

This is the edited version of yesterday’s post.
It has been enhanced with subtitles. The subtitles are not computer generated so they are very accurate. With these subtitles, students can get a look at my annoying sentence fillers. Sentences fillers are important to create time for thinking for the next thing to say but when overused, they can create a reduction of interest in the overall message. Too many ‘umm’s, too many ‘ah’s, too many ‘so’s. It’s like saying “えとね” before every sentence. Subtitles in English make an ordinary video come to life. Subtitles are beneficial as a learning tool and help to build comprehension. I hope you appreciate the subtitles. The video has also been shortened to keep it interesting for content consumers with short attention spans.

See original text below
Flower Garden Upgrading.
The vegetable garden has seen better days. Vegetable plants mature earlier here in Japan than in Boston. Luckily, flowers 💐 in Japan are inexpensive.


Koganecho News 黄金町 July 20, 2018

Today in Koganecho News 黄金町.

The infrastructure in Koganecho is not as strong as other parts of the city. 黄金町のインフラは横浜のほかの地区ほど強くない。For over a year now, much work has been done on the sewage system.1年以上にわたり、下水道システムの大きな修理が行われています。The roads have been torn up, (シャベルカーで道路を掘り返した) pipes replaced (パイプが直されました) and side walls shored up (側壁は補強された). The streets still have not yet been repaved (通りはまだ舗装されていない). Many of the telephone poles lean in strange directions (多くの電柱は変な方向に傾いています). Safety is an important factor in Japanese society (安全は日本社会にとって重要な要素です). It’s awful when people, especially children, get injured by accidents (人々、特に子供たちが事故によってけがをするときは大変です). In this video, Taishu is nearly killed when a telephone pole falls over and crashes where he was standing moments earlier (このビデオでは、大正はほぼ殺されています。電柱が倒れてクラッシュする一秒前の場所に立っていました). Luckily, Taishu has a sixth sense and, jumping back just at the right time, he narrowly escapes certain injury and seemingly thwarts death 💀 (たいしゅは第六感を持っていて、ちょうどその時に跳んでいくと、けがを避けて、死💀 を逃れた). This is the world of Koganecho. Anything can happen ! ️


Bonsai Mania

Today they decided to cut off the branches of the cherry trees which were hanging over the road. Dangerous for traffic? They really love to hit Koganecho hard. It’s such a shame to cut back on theses beautiful shade trees. It’s bad to practice “bonsai” on cherry trees.

Fresh from the Garden 🌶

These delicious habanero and chili peppers were grown by the Tree House 英会話 黄金町 横浜

Junko’s Co-op 枝豆

The Word Co-opA co-op is defined as a cooperative society, shop, business, or farm.The hiragana pronunciation is コープ.In English this is often mistakenly heard as “coop”.In English ‘coop’ means a cage or pen in which poultry 家禽 are kept and raised. It’s basically a chicken house.So if you say, “I bought these soybeans at the ‘coop’, it means you bought the soybeans at the chicken cage.Yo must say ‘Co’ + ‘Op’. The word has two distinct syllables 音節. Try not to run the two syllbles together when saying ‘co-op.”I bought the soybeans at the co-op.”The line between co and op is not a 延ばす線. This is the reason why there is confusion with this word.By the way, thank you so much for the soybeans 枝豆 Junko! A full container of delicious Hokkaido 枝豆 is a wonderful treat and a great summer snack. Thank you for not putting any salt on the 枝豆. They are tastier this way! Very healthy!

黄金町 横浜 英会話 ツリーハウス

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