Tanaka Kane – Respect for the Aged Day – 敬老の日 with Audio!

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00. The big day is coming soon!

01. Everybody in Japan is very excited.

02. Everybody is preparing for Keiro no Hi.

03. Keiro no Hi in English is Respect for the Aged Day.

04. Everybody in Japan respects old people.

05. The oldest person in the world is Tanaka Kane.

06. Tanaka was born in Fukuoka.

07. Tanaka’s birthday is January 2nd, 1903.

08. Tanaka is 115 years old.

09. Tanaka  attributes her longevity to eating fish.

10. Tanaka Kane is respected by everyone in Japan.

11. Americans don’t respect old people.

12. Americans think old people are useless.

13. Bill Clinton is old and looks like a zombie.

14. Bill Clinton has spent all of his money

15. Bill Clinton is respected by nobody.

16. Bill Clinton is married to Hillary.

17. Hillary Clinton is old and haggard.

18. Hillary spends her money on looking younger.

19. Nothing can help Hillary look younger.

20. Nobody respects Hillary Clinton.

21. Hillary Clinton lost the election to Trump

22. Trump is also very old.

23. Many people respect Trump because he has money.

24. Americans respect money.

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August 21st, 2018

Summer seems to be wanting to change!


黄金町 Action News Hawaiian Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Good afternoon everybody!

Welcome back to Koganecho Action News!

This is Bill McCormack bringing you the fast and furious news from Koganecho Yokohama Japan. So, today is a very important day here in Koganecho. Something very big happened. For day after day, for month after month, I have been watering this red hibiscus (the Hawaiian Red Hibiscus). And, I thought for sure, it would never flower, but today is the big day and it finally popped! Let’s take a look. So, as you can see,  here it is behind me. And, well, unbelievable!  Now it’s in front of me!  Unbelievable! So, if you want to see Hawaii, you don’t have to fly to Hawaii. Just come here to the Tree House in Koganecho. Ahh! It’s interesting! There is a little discoloration on the edge there.  I don’t know why. And there is his friend next-door. It’s a nice bud.  It’s about to Blossom soon.  Hopefully, the wind doesn’t blow off this flower. If it does, I’ll be back with another episode of Koganecho Action News and tell you how

the wind blew off the flower. I also noticed, today,

that ahh, there is a beautiful wild hibiscus growing here along the river in front of the Tree House. So, and, this is what it looks like here.  It’s pink. These wild hibiscus grow along the river, the Ookagawa and they are quite fragile. They don’t like to be touched.  If you pick them, and put them in a vase, they will die almost instantly. So they are very delicate flower, very beautiful though inside.  So, well, that’s that.  Thank you for watching. That’s the wild hibiscus.  So now you know!  You don’t have to fly to Hawaii to appreciate the Red Hawaiian Hibiscus.  You can come here to Koganecho and take some pictures of this beautiful flower. I hope to see you soon!  This has been another episode of

Koganecho Action News!


黄金町 アクションミューズ


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Sayonara Akihiro-San!

thank you very much Akihiro-San!

It was a great pleasure teaching you English over the past year and a half. I’m happy that you found me on teacher/student.com

Good luck with your new life in Hokkaido! I wish you the greatest success with your business endeavors and I hope my business English lessons will come in handy for you. You made great advances with your English here at the treehouse. I hope to talk with you soon via social network.

Sayonara, Bill

THE Flower Garden

I forgot the name of this flower! Can anybody help me?

Map to The Tree House 英会話

Bonsai Mania

Today they decided to cut off the branches of the cherry trees which were hanging over the road. Dangerous for traffic? They really love to hit Koganecho hard. It’s such a shame to cut back on theses beautiful shade trees. It’s bad to practice “bonsai” on cherry trees.

Tree House Time Warp Machine

Taishu is experimenting with the Tree House Time Warp Machine. It’s his first time and he is successful in moving himself a few meters. Congratulations!

THE 英会話 横浜

A typical July summer day along the Ooka River in front of the Tree House Studio/Cafe’.