Check out Bill’s ツリーハウス英会話 on Google!

The next door neighbor’s 英会話 has better search results than does the ツリーハウス英会話。Oh no! I’m in a pickle. I’m gonna be saturating the internets during the next few months!



Hi everybody! Check this out!

In an effort not to be beat, I’ve come up with a plan that I think will prove to be the unbeatable! This is the first step in my master plan. I hope all of you will come and enjoy practicing your English on Sundays! Perseverance will pay off in the end so get off your derrières, open your minds and learn English on Sundays!

Independence Day USA

The Tree House English Studio/Cafe’ and Chat welcomes the 45th President of the United States, as America celebrates 243 years of independence from England. The Treehouse English Studio/Café is the best place to learn English in Japan.

Enjoy the freedom of independence that only American English provides.


2019 Typhoon Number 3

2019 Typhoon Number 3

Hello Hydrangea

紫陽花 hydrangea

黄金町 – A peaceful moment