Koganecho Action News – THE Japanese Gecko – Yamori 守宮 【ツリーハウス マンツーマン英会話】横浜・英会話学校

Welcome to Koganecho Action News.
I am Bill THE Newscaster.
Today is October 4th, 2019.
What we see here is the Yamori.
The Yamori is a Japanese Gecko.
“Yamori” means “house guardian” .
This Yamori protects the Tree House from some bad people.
Yamori used to be as large as dinosaurs and eat people.
Like all life on Earth, Yamori became smaller 51 million years ago.
Now, the Yamori protect humans from cockroaches.
Seeing a Yamori brings good luck and makes people rich and happy forever.
Thank you for watching everybody Mr. Yamori.
Thank you everybody for watching Mr. Yamori and Koganecho Action News.

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